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Insurance and Safari Hunting

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Safari Insurance

Insurance is an important item that you should consider prior to your safari. Among the different kinds of insurances to consider are Baggage Insurance, Travel Insurance, Trip Cancellation Insurance and Medical Evaluation Insurance. Your local insurance agent or travel agent can assist you with these.

Cruiser Safaris and their staff endeavor to provide clients with the best advice, safety and service possible, however hunting, wildlife safaris, and road travel are considered to be in the high risk category, we therefore strongly recommend all clients arrange their own personal medical, accident, and travel / trip cancellation insurance, and where applicable air rescue insurance coverage. Since emergencies and flight delays do occur, it is important to arrange the appropriate insurance coverage.

Global Rescue

Global Rescue is the premier medical evacuation service for traveling hunters. If you want to protect your health while traveling, then become a Global Rescue member. Global Rescue is the only medical evacuation provider that provides field rescue to their members. Global Rescue will evacuate you from the point of injury using helicopters, airplanes, land vehicles and whatever else is necessary. Their rescue teams are composed of former U.S Special Operation’s medics and commandos including Navy SEALs and Army Rangers. Global Rescue has performed evacuations from the world’s deepest canyon in Peru to Mt. Everest and everywhere in between. If you can get there, Global Rescue can get you back.

Why Global Rescue?

Medical emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time. When you're away from home, how will you get to the life saving medical treatment you or a family member needs? In an emergency, you need reliable advice to make the right medical decision, and an evacuation to a medical facility you can trust. Global Rescue provides both.

A Global Rescue medical evacuation membership provides:

Global RescueGlobal Rescue

Cruiser Safaris strongly recommends that you enroll with Global Rescue prior to embarking on your trip.

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is an annual travel membership program for people who travel for business or pleasure, in the United State or abroad.

No travel insurance, standard medical insurance, assistance plan, or platinum card membership offers a protection program as comprehensive as MEDJET ASSISTANCE. MEDJET ASSISTANCE is a worldwide medical evacuation and consultation program that is available to travelers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on an annual membership basis. Short-Term memberships for 7, 17, and 21 days are also available.

Before you leave for your next trip, make sure you pack the MEDJET ASSISTANCE card. MEDJET ASSISTANCE transports members who are hospitalized more than 150 miles from home, virtually anywhere in the world, to the hospital of their choice. Additionally, if a member is hospitalized in their hometown and requires the services of a specialty hospital within the U.S. or Canada more than 150 miles away, MEDJET ASSISTANCE will provide air medical transport to that facility.

Through a global affiliate network, the company utilizes a fleet of state-of-the-art medically equipped aircraft permanently configured as mobile intensive care units, staffed with specially trained physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists. It also offers travel intelligence, health and safety information, medical and legal referrals, translation assistance, pre-travel medical consultations, and return of mortal remains. The program began in 1991 and has been underwritten through Lloyds of London since its inception.

Anyone up to age 75 may become a member of the program for just $195 per year of $295 for a family. Diamond memberships are available for those ages 75-81. MEDJET ASSISTANCE offers a Corporate and Group rate structure with associated discounts based on volume. Members are protected for an entire year no matter how many trips they make.

Medjet AssistanceMedjet Assistance

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