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Safari Hunting Memory Books

Preserve Your Safari Hunting Memories

Safari hunting memory book.

What better way to preserve those irreplaceable moments of your African safari than with your own personalized memory book. You can create a treasured keepsake that is as unique as your own safari. Chronicle your once in a lifetime experience with your personal pictures and story. These one of a kind professional quality books will become the centerpiece of your coffee table and be a family heirloom for generations.

Your memory book is available in either a hardbound or a softbound edition in several sizes, with an array of options designed to express your safaris in a format that everyone can enjoy.

All books require 20 pages minimum and up to a maximum of 100 pages.

Memory book costs:

Large Hardcover (8½" X 11") - $70.00/20 pages + $2.00 per page over 20 pages

Large Soft cover (8½" X 11") - $50.00/20 pages + $1.50 per page over 20 pages

Medium Soft cover (6" X 8") - $30.00/20 pages + $1.00 per page over 20 pages

Small Soft cover (2.6" X 3.5", 3 pack) - $25.00/20 pages + $0.50 per page over 20 pages

DVD's are included with large & medium books. $5.00 for additional DVD copies.

Shipping charges not included.

To order your own Safari Memory Book or for further information contact:

Sue Heins at Picture This Memory Book & DVD Creations


Also available: DVD's

Where your pictures and memories come to life. They can turn your favorite pictures and video clips into a video with your choice of music. Contact Sue for further information.

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