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"Take Me On Safaris: A Family Affair" is a compelling and one-of-a-kink chronicle of a husband, wife, their teenage son, young daughter, and "grandmom" on safari in rural South Africa. This is the unforgettable memoir of the Mauro family, swept from their daily routines in suburbia U.S.A. and dropped into the center of adventure, drama and suspense in a remote corner of the Dark Continent. The experience strengthened family bonds, exposed them to the wonders of an ancient land and laid witness the timeless rituals of wildlife. This uniquely written account also includes the unedited thoughts of family members as taken from their diaries. The book is more than a sequential accounting of a family's journeys in the Northern Province of South Africa. It is living testimony that a safari can be a catalyst that strengthens family bonds and supports wholesome values.

Bobby Shields lifelong dream was to hunt in Africa. His dream came true when he hunted with Cruiser Safaris in September 2004. During his safari Bobby kept a journal of his experiences. Wanting to share his safari with everyone he undertook the huge task of writing a book and “Safari Winds – A Whitetail Deer Hunter’s First Safari” is the completion of that task. This book goes far beyond the day to day adventures that happen on safari. Bobby starts the book with the planning that he went through and a question and answer section that will help anyone who is thinking of also going on safari. The actual safari experience that he wrote goes well beyond what is normally captured in a journal. Not only does he describe all aspects in great detail he adds a deeper insight on how he felt and the thoughts that he had during his safari. This book is perfect for those going on their first safari and for those who would like to relive some of their own experiences from their previous safari.

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Hunting Videos

If you are interested in hunting videos on Africa, we recommend checking out Sportsmen on Film. Click HERE for a direct link to their web site. The following video is a great start to your African collection.

Kudus and Caracals.

Kudus and Caracals

Safari Memory Books

Preserve your irreplaceable safari memories in a unique personalized memory book. Create a treasured keepsake with your personal hunting safari pictures and story.

Safari hunting memory books.

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