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Your Ultimate South African Safari Hunting Destination

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8 Day Hunting Package

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8 Day South Africa Plains Game Hunting Package

This 8 Day hunting package includes five of the most sought-after plains game trophies in South Africa.

8 Days

1x1 or 2x1 Hunting

5 Trophy Animals

Bow hunting is not available for this package.

Prices quoted in US Dollars and subject to change.

1x1 Hunt - $5,000

2x1 Hunt - $4,800

BONUS: Book this package for 2022 and get 20% off the trophy fees of any additional animals that you take while there (excluding Buffalo and Bushbuck) plus get 20% off the taxidermy work of these additional animals from Highveld Taxidermy (new bookings only).

Our 8 day South Africa Plains Game Hunting Package includes the following Animals:

1 Southern Greater Kudu

1 Impala

1 Warthog

1 Blesbok

1 Blue Wildebeest*


* Substitute a Red Hartebeest for a Blue Wildebeest for an additional $100.00.

(No other substitutions allowed.)

Use the image or text links below to view detailed Species Information for the listed animals offered in this package. The page will come up in a new window.



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Hunting Package Includes:

Hunting Package Excludes:

Additional trophies can be added at our regular Trophy Fee Rates. Some animals require additional days to be added to the package.

We are very confident that during the safari period of our packages you will have the opportunity to take all of the animals that are included with it so unlike some companies, in the unlikely event you don't obtain all of the trophies that are included a portion of their trophy fee will be deducted from the package price. (Note: This applies to rifle hunting only.) See our FAQ for more details.

Side trips can be arranged for additional costs. See our Other Activities and Daily Rates pages for more information.

Daily Rates are included in our 8 Day Plains Game Hunting Package. Cruiser Safaris safari hunting Terms of Business apply to this and all of our hunting packages.


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