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About Us

Cruiser Safaris has been providing superior hunting safaris since 1995. With over two decades of hunting experience we pride ourselves in our commitment to providing you a staff that is dedicated to first-class service, wildlife conservation and ensuring your stay in South Africa abounds in pleasant experiences. From the camp staff to professional hunters and trackers, we are all committed to making your South African hunting safari an unforgettable adventure. All of our hunting is ethical and fair chase. We offer several rifle hunting packages as well as a bow hunting safari. Though the majority of our hunting is done in the Bushveld of the Limpopo Province we also offer a package add-on in the Free State Highveld.

Your Host and Hunting Outfitter Pieter Lamprecht

Your host and hunting Outfitter at Cruiser Safaris is Pieter Lamprecht. Through this family owned and operated safari hunting business Pieter brings to you a lifetime of experiences in the Limpopo Province. Although his family tree in South Africa dates back to the 18th century, their roots in this province all began in 1925 when his Grandfather first purchased land here. Pieter’s children are the fourth generation to live on this property. His native-born Father and Uncles were enthusiastic "Big Five" hunters. Following in their footsteps Pieter started hunting when he was only 5 years old!

His passion for wildlife evolved over the years and in the early 1990's, due to his desire to share his intimate knowledge of the South African Bushveld and wildlife with others, he completed his Professional Hunting Course.

Pieter gained experience as a Professional Hunter and so appreciated guiding foreign hunters through their dream of hunting “The Dark Continent” that he decided to start his own outfitting company and established Cruiser Safaris in 1995. Because he owns the land, lodge, vehicles, etc. there is no need to lease those things or hunt on concessions where other outfitters hunt as well. He also has exclusive hunting rights on several concessions that we do hunt and advices those land owners for well-planned game management policies to insure sustainable numbers of healthy game. With Cruiser Safaris, you always know where you will be staying and that you will be hunting quality trophy animals.

Pieter is well known and respected in his community and the hunting industry. He is Chair Person of LEAF (Limpopo Environmental Action Forum, a member of Safari Club International, PHASA (Professional Hunters Association of South Africa) and WRSA (Wildlife Ranching South Africa. WRSA is the national wildlife ranching organization comprising individuals in the wildlife industry including land owners with an interest in game, game ranchers, professional hunters, hunting outfitters, taxidermists, game reserves and mixed farmers. WRSA’s contributes to ensuring sustainable wildlife ranching.)

In 2014 Pieter received WRSA’s prestigious Wildlife Rancher of the Year Award. The top eight nominees for this award go through an extensive in-depth two-day evaluation process which covers all aspects of their organization, from wildlife game management practices to the accurateness of recording keeping and everything in between. Pieter has proven that he runs a well-organized and established, self-sufficient operation [farm] that encompasses all aspects of the industry [game management, breeding and hunting) that is not funded by any outside source.

Three generations of Lamprecht men. Your host and outfitter, Pieter Lamprecht

In addition to his Outfitters License, Pieter's hunting camp, modern trophy preparation facilities, vehicles and staff are inspected and certified by law. He is a proud member of Safari Club International and PHASA (Professional hunters association of South Africa).

Pieter, his wife Lizelle and their children
Pieter with a hunting client
Your outfitter and host, Pieter Lamprecht
WRSA 2014 Wildlife Rancher of the year, Pieter Lamprecht
Pieter at a picnic braai (African BBQ)

We were immediately met by the owner Pieter and his wife... Most outfitters I have hunted with that would have been the last time I seen the owner but not at Cruiser. …I loved the fact the owner was so involved with the day to day aspects. ... Pieter truly does a remarkable job of maintaining trophy quality animals for his clients. ... Pieter and his staff do such a great job that you will find yourself wondering when you can come back even before you have left.

Brian Bristow - Cruiser Safaris hunting client and Reference (Excerpt from Reference Letter)

Cruiser Safaris Staff

Our Contact and Booking Agent

Cruiser Bob and Leesa Clark

Since January 1st, 2001 “Cruiser Bob” Clark has been our US and International Contact and Booking Agent. He and Pieter stay in close contact striving as a team to make the dream of hunting South Africa a reality for our clients from all over the globe.

Bob has acquired a vast knowledge of the country and hunting there for the express purpose of passing that information on to our clients. You can be assured that Pieter, Bob and our website speak with one voice to give our clients the best available information, hunting prices and options, and the most successful and memorable safari experience possible.

Bob and his wife Leesa also maintain our website so if you ever have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the site, please don’t hesitate to contact him.

To find out more about “Cruiser Bob” or to get in touch with him see our

Contact Page

Our Professional Hunters

Cruiser Safaris boast a compliment of world class professional hunters that have been part of the family for many years. Highly skilled and well trained, our team of professional hunters will help and guide you to success on your hunting safari experience.

Our Drivers/Trackers/Skinners

Our skilled trackers will drive the hunter and the hunting guide where they need to be, then they will be on standby until they are needed to help track an animal, or to fetch the client. They will also do the skinning, so that you can relax back at the lodge.

Our Chef Delmarie

Chef Delmarie

Read More

About Chef Delmarie and Dining at Cruiser Safaris.

Lizelle Lamprecht

Lizelle Lamprecht

Pieter’s wife, Lizelle, helps to oversee the operations and day to day management of the lodge and ensures that guests are given the best experience of living their dream, possible.

Everyone at Cruiser Safaris is committed to making your safari successful and year after year they have provided quality hunting, trophies and fond memories for hunters from around the world.

More Information About Cruiser Safaris

Hunting Location

Our expansive hunting properties offer an abundance of the trophy plains game available in the Limpopo Province of South Africa including Impala, Kudu, Blue Wildebeest Nyala and Sable.

Our safari hunting locations and area photos

Our Lodge

Our hunting lodge is first-class and family friendly. All of our hunting safaris are all-inclusive of laundry and maid services, delicious meals, beverages and more.

Safari hunting lodge accommodations

Other Activities

There are several day trips available for you, your family and hunting or non-hunting companions including horseback and elephant rides and National Park tours.

Other available activities

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