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Best Safari Hunting in South Africa

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South Africa Hunting Safaris

Our location in the Limpopo Province is in the best hunting area in all of South Africa for plains game. Along with our experienced Professional hunters and staff, first-class accommodations, all-inclusive hunting packages and affordable prices we can offer the best South African safari for you.

Over 25 Years of Experience Trophy Hunting in South Africa

South Africa safari hunting packages

Hunting Packages

Our all-inclusive hunting packages include both daily rates and the trophy fees for the listed animals. We offer a variety of plains game hunting packages which include iconic South Africa species such as Kudu, Impala and Warthog. We also offer package hunts for rarer big game and dangerous game, such as Sable, Nyala and Cape Buffalo.


South African Safari Hunting Prices

Hunting Prices

We have our own properties, full time staff and first-class lodge. All of which keeps our safari prices at some of the lowest in South Africa while still tailoring our hunts to our client’s desires and abilities. With our NO HIDDEN FEE policy and variety of all-inclusive hunting packages, there is something available for everyone.


Excellent mature trophy quality animals, first class lodging and guest services, ALL at affordable prices.

Cruiser Safaris Hunting Lodge Accommodations

Our Lodge

Our first-class South African safari hunting lodge accommodations include a lounge with stocked bar, dining and boma areas, a pool and hot tub, several outdoor sitting areas all in a wonderful bushveld setting with beautiful garden landscapes. Our comfortably furnished thatched roof guest chalets are en suite with flush toilets, hot showers and electricity. Our game lodge is family friendly and all of our hunting safaris are all-inclusive of laundry and maid services, delicious meals, beverages and more.


South Africa Safari hunting prices

Our Safari Hunting Location

Our location is in the best area for hunting African plains game in all of South Africa. Our expansive hunting properties offer an abundance of the trophy plains game available in the Limpopo Province of South Africa including Impala, Kudu, Blue Wildebeest, Zebra and Warthog. This is an area of beautiful and contrasting landscapes. From Bushveld country to majestic mountains, indigenous forests, unspoiled wilderness and a patchwork of farming land.

Safari Hunting Location

South Africa Safari Hunting Specials

Special Offers

Throughout the year we have safari hunting special offers. Theses SPECIALS present exceptional values for limited times or availability. To ensure you are among the first to know about each new offer you can sign up for our mailing list to receive information on these Specials as they become available.

Safari Hunting Special Offers

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Cruiser Safaris Hunting Videos

Safari Hunting Videos

Our South African safari hunting videos offer exciting footage as well as information. We have videos showing our lodge accommodations as well as taking you along on actual Cruiser Safaris hunts! You will see some of the African animals, stunning scenery and hunting terrain you can encounter while hunting in South Africa with us.

Safari Hunting Videos

ALL the Information you NEED. The Hunting Experience you DESERVE.

We have ALL the detailed information and decades of knowledge and experience needed to give you your ideal South African hunting safari. And, with our great hunting prices, safari packages and NO Hidden Fees policy, you're sure to get the best South African safari at a price you can afford.

Hunting Information


We provide you with All the information needed to plan and prepare for your South African hunt. This information will make you more comfortable when you arrive in South Africa and your experience will be much more enjoyable. The information starts with our General Information pages and continues until the time of your safari with additional detailed information sent directly to you.


Knowledge & Experience

Knowledge and Experience

We have decades of knowledge and experience, making hunting dreams come true since 1995! Pieter Lamprecht, your host and outfitter has a lifetime of hunting experience in the Limpopo Province, South Africa. Being an award-winning Outfit demonstrates his knowledge and commitment to outstanding game management which has provided quality trophies for his hunting clients’ year after year.

About Us

Hunting Client Newsletter

Cruiser Safaris Hunting Client Newsletter

One of the most popular sections of our website is our Client Newsletter. Since 2008 this has contained the hunting stories and photographs (when available) for every one of our client guests. Browsing through the stories and pictures will give you an actual insight into what your South African experience with us will be like. ENJOY! Follow our "Newsletter" link for more information.

Client Newsletter

Let's get started!

Where do you begin planning your South African Hunting safari?

We can help.

Our WELCOME page gives you information about our website, how to get started planning your South African hunt and where to find the information you need. Including travel planning, clothing for your safari, taxidermy tips and other activities available during your stay with us. You have questions and need information about planning your hunt. We have everything needed to answer all of your questions and our WELCOME page is the perfect place to start your South African hunting experience. And if you have any questions you can contact us and we would be happy to help.


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Hunting Client Testimonial

Come, let us share with you the Africa we know and love and make your safari dreams come true.

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