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2017 Safari Newsletter

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Cruiser Safaris yearly safari hunting client newsletter.

2017 Newsletter

Welcome to the 2017 newsletter. With all of the changes that have taken place in the last year we should probably call this the “New” Cruiser Safaris.

As I mentioned last year we were working to make the web site mobile phone friendly. We went way beyond that and now the web site can be viewed properly on any device that you use to access it. What this meant was that we had to rewrite the site using 4 different codes. With over 360 pages that was a monumental task.

We are still working to complete rewriting all of the text on the site, adding updated information where needed and replacing most of the pictures with current photographs which gives you a better view of Cruiser Safaris today.

We asked you what changes or additions that you would like to see on the web site and implemented all of the suggestions. We understand some of you preferred our past “sunset” color scheme over the softer greens and perhaps sometime in the future we’ll return to those more “African” colors. Thanks for your input. With new videos (like the one on our home page) and navigation made simpler and up to current internet standards we feel that now you can go to the site and be able to find exactly what you are looking for faster.

During this time, we also fine-tuned our Social Media presence. On our Facebook and Instagram sites we are now making new posts every day. You will now be able to see on our Social Media what is going on right now with Cruiser’s and be able to enjoy our hunters’ trophies while they are still with us in South Africa. We are currently finishing up Cruiser’s YouTube site where you will be able to enjoy additional videos about Cruiser Safaris and we are hoping to add client videos as well. Watch the web site soon for this addition.

I am starting this newsletter earlier in the year so we can show you all of the animals that our recent clients have taken. Although there may not be a lot of the clients’ stories right away, we will add those as we receive them. Until then you will be able to see what trophies that they took and we will put pictures on with each client that we add to the newsletter.

On a sad note Aimee is no longer with Cruiser’s. We will sorely miss her and wish her all the best in her future endeavors. On a happy, happy note Craig has returned to Cruiser’s as a full time PH. Those of you that have hunted with him in the past know that he has excellent PH skills and his smiling face always brought cheers to everyone. Along with Johan and Hans, Frank (the tank) has come on board full time as well. And our chef DelMarie (Tiny) completed an 8-week Master of Cuisine Program at the prestigious Hurst Culinary School in Cape Town, South Africa. In this course, there were hundreds of local, classic and international recipes which will only add to her amazing food preparation. If you liked her cooking before just wait until you try her new additions.

In following my tradition of trying to give the reader of the newsletter the feeling of actually being on their safari with them, all of the stories that are included here are those actually written by our clients. These personal stories are enjoyed by everyone as they give the views of the hunter and non-hunter from their point of view.

Every hunter that comes to Cruiser’s is included in our newsletter. Included are where they are from and all of the animals that they take. Those trophies that qualify for the record book are indicated by a * and in the case of Kudu’s, their size is also listed. All trophy pictures that are sent to me are included as well. Thank you to those that have contributed their safari stories and I hope everyone enjoys this 2017 edition of Cruiser Safaris newsletter.

Cruiser Bob

NOTE: The * behind the animal indicates that it qualified for the record book.


MACK & LINDA MANI – Washington

Animals taken: Blue Wildebeest*, 4- Impala*, Gemsbok*, Kudu* (53 3/8”), 2 – Warthog

Hunt Photos


MIKE REEDY – Arizona

Animals taken: Blue Wildebeest*, Blesbok*, 2 – Impala*, Kudu* (56 ½”), Warthog*

KYLE HONEA – Arizona

Animals taken: Impala*, Blesbok*, Red Hartebeest*, Waterbuck*, Black Backed Jackal

Hunt Photos



Animals taken: Blue Wildebeest*, Blesbok*, Impala*, Kudu*, Warthog*, Gemsbok


Animals taken: Blesbok*, Impala*, Blue Wildebeest*, Kudu* (55 ¾”), Zebra

Hunt Photos




Animals taken: Blesbok*, Red Hartebeest*, Warthog*, Gemsbok*, Impala* Blue Wildebeest*, Kudu* (53 ½”)


Animals taken: Blue Wildebeest*, Kudu* (51 ½”), Blesbok*, Warthog*, Gemsbok*, Impala*


Animals taken: Impala*, Zebra, Kudu*, Blue Wildebeest*, Warthog*

Hunt Photos


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