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Hunting Client The Dellinger Family

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Hunting Client The Dellinger Family

Cruiser Safaris Hunting Client Reference Letter and Hunting Photos

Loren and Ronna Dellinger

Red Hartebeest

Loren and Ronna Dellinger and family - Red Hartebeest

Get Read for the shot.In the cross-hairs

A couple of years ago, my wife suggested that we celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary on Safari in South Africa. I jumped at the suggestion and after much research, settled on Cruiser Safaris. The information contained on their website and communications with Cruiser Bob helped us make our final decision. The website provided great detail and as it says, "Why pay more to enjoy less". Bob sent a lot of information just prior to our departure which also helped with last minute planning and some things to expect while traveling.

Lizelle and Pieter helped make the actual day of our 25th Anniversary in South Africa even more special by arranging a special ceremony for just our two children, my wife and myself at the Lesedi Cultural Village. Here, we experienced a private traditional Zulu wedding ceremony. We were also able to renew our Vows. This was something very special for us and we will remember years from now exactly what we were doing on the day of our 25th.

Our experience at Cruiser's exceeded any expectations we may have had. Words really can not describe the pleasure of what we actually experienced. The staff was professional and our PH's were very knowledgeable about the countryside as well as trophy judging animals in split second situations. We took 16 animals as a family and were not disappointed with any of them. Many qualify for the SCI record book even though that is not what made the trophy for each one of us.

We arrived strangers, but during our stay, made friendships that will last a lifetime which were apparent by the tears that were shed when we said our good-byes. One more little note, be prepared to laugh until your side hurts as there are many pranks being pulled and jokes being told throughout your stay.

Thank you Pieter, Lizelle, Johan, Craig, Delmarie and the rest of the staff for making our trip of a lifetime something very special!

Loren & Ronna Dellinger

The Dellinger FamilyKudu

The Dellingers hunted with Cruiser Safaris in August 2009.

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