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Your Ultimate South African Safari Hunting Destination

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Hunting Client Ron & Mike Minette

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Hunting Client Ron and Mike Minette

Cruiser Safaris Hunting Client Reference Letter and Hunting Photos

Ron and Mike Minette

ImpalaRon and Mike Minette

I have very high expectations for everything and everybody in life so naturally I am more often disappointed than pleased. I honestly cannot suggest or criticize anything about Cruiser Safaris and the fine people involved in this outfit to guarantee and ensure an outstanding experience from beginning to end.

My son, Mike, and I have been lucky enough to experience a wide variety of hunting excursions with much satisfaction and success. However, I can sincerely say that none of our prior adventures begin to measure up to our experience with Cruiser Safaris. The experience which marked Mike and my 22nd hunting trip will be fondly remembered and ranked #1 among all other hunting trips. It was definitely and by far the best in every aspect and exceeded our wildest dreams.

Cruiser Bob Clark is like no one I have encountered ever before. His commitment and attention to detail goes way above and beyond. Every little detail is tended to from providing clear and precise instructions in regards to what to anticipate when getting off the plane, customs, firearms, to what to expect at the campsite. Documentation and necessary paperwork is presented in an organized and timely manner leaving no question unanswered or detail unknown. Bob was available for every telephone call and answered all of our questions to our complete satisfaction.

Pieter is a wonderful host and makes you feel welcome and a part of the family. As we say here in New York, “He is solid.” The combination of Bob and Pieter make for an incredible team. They are prepared to do whatever it takes to make you feel like a satisfied customer in providing impeccable service.

Craig, our PH, was an absolute pleasure and totally professional in every way. He was always optimistic and very informative and was patient and courteous with the many questions we asked while in his company. Even amongst the other PH’s, Mike and I were treated as honored guests and this definitely added to the incredible ambiance of our experience.

The accommodations were above our expectations and the food was superb. Our cook, Tiny, did an amazing job in both the quality and quantity of all the meals she served. Each morning I would try to extract from her the secret to what was being prepared for dinner that night so I could anticipate the great meal for that evening. It was always a meal in which to savor and look forward to. The camaraderie and friendship added an extra special touch as we gathered together for meals to share stories of the day. I particularly enjoyed the blessing offered by Pieter at each meal.

Cruiser Safaris proved to be better than could ever be expected and showed me the best hunting experience of my life.

Looking for a fantastic outfitter that goes above and beyond to ensure satisfaction – Cruiser Safaris - the adventure of a lifetime.

Ron Minette


Ron and Mike hunted with Cruiser Safaris in May 2010.

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