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Share A Safari Special

Two hunters can SHARE our 10 Day, 6 Animal Package for only $500 more than our 2x1 package price!

Save over $2,300!

Save over $2,300!








Save over $2,300!

Share A Safari Speical

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Two hunters can share our 10 Day Package for ONLY $6,200 ($3,100 each). This is ONLY $500 more than our 2x1 pricing and is a savings of OVER $2,300 from our normal hunting rate!

The two hunters will share the included 6 Trophies, splitting the animals however they wish. Animals included in this package are:

  • 1 Kudu
  • 1 Impala
  • 1 Gemsbok
  • 1 Blue Wildebeest
  • 1 Warthog
  • 1 Steenbok or Grey Duiker

This is the perfect safari for a husband and wife, children, grandchildren or friends to experience an African hunting adventure and share these memories for a lifetime.

Additional animals (excluding Kudu) can be taken during this safari period at their listed Trophy Fees.

10-Day Package

This special includes everything normally offered in our 10-Day Package.

  • The Trophy fees for the listed 6 Trophy Animals
  • 2x1 Hunting (only) with Professional Hunter, Trackers and Skinners
  • All beverages and meals
  • Daily Laundry Service
  • and more!

See our 10-Day Package page for everything included and excluded.

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For more information on our other Trophy Fees and Terms of Business please see our PRICES page.

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